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Mother’s Day: Red Roses and Health & Wellness

Step Up for Better Living hosted a Mother’s Day celebration. The day was reserved to honor 30 mothers. Step Up for Better Living reserved the day to capture the attention of mothers and acknowledge them for their influences on their families and in the community. The themes of the day were health and nutrition as emphasized by the phrase- “Healthy living starts with us!!!” Nutrition information that featured tips about healthy eating and good nutrition was shared with all. The event featured a delicious menu that included Granola Yogurt Parfait, Vanilla/Almond French Toast, Egg White Bites, Infused Water, and Banana Pudding. As the mothers ate their meal, the sounds of their favorite Mother’s Day songs played in the background. Classics like “I’ll always love my mama” by the Intruders and “Song for Mama” by Boys2Men were enjoyed by all. The mothers in attendance expressed their appreciation for the staff at Step Up for Better Living. To add to the festivities, Program Director, Andrew Thomas, Jr gave each mother a single red rose and thanked them for supporting their families. One of the mothers thanked the Director of Social Services, Ms. Twila Waters, for her tireless efforts throughout the years. Step Up for Better Living will be hosting future events that promote health and wellness.