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Step Up for Better Living’s (Step Up) values represent our core beliefs which demonstrate how we interact with all stakeholders.

These values are embedded in the Step Up mission and vision and are a part of all internal and external communications. Step Up’s values also provide a guide to organizational planning, decision making and the delivery of services which validate the dignity and worth of all individuals, families, and communities. Step Up has adopted the following values.

1: DIGNITY AND RESPECT- we believe in the self-worth of all Step Up stakeholders and we believe that they should be treated with dignity and respect. Step Up exhibits care, concern, and consideration for their individual and social perspectives and we strive to ensure that all interactions with individuals, families and communities demonstrate a feeling of positive regard. Step Up believes a diverse organization, which incorporates a diversity of viewpoints that come from different cultural backgrounds, creates opportunities to strengthen the organization’s capacity to connect with and relate to our stakeholders.

2: TRUST- we believe trust is the foundation on which to build enduring relationships with our stakeholders. Step Up works to ensure the organization is reliable and fair and that our stakeholders have confidence in our commitment to best practices that advance their well-being.   

3: INTEGRITY- we believe Integrity is essential to fostering a nonprofit culture that ensures that all transactions by the organization result in a workplace that maintains the highest ethical standards possible. Integrity is the foundation we use to make all decisions and build relationships with our stakeholders. 

4: EXCELLENCE- we believe in the need to apply best practices in the areas of governance, management, program development, policies and procedures and legal compliance. This includes a structured approach that is evidenced-based and that ensures that programs and sustainability are informed by specific benchmarks and metrics that are reliable measures of operational efficiency and effectiveness. 

5: ACCOUNTABILITY- we believe creating a culture of accountability is essential because it promotes dependability with our stakeholders as well as alignment with Step Up’s mission, vision, and values. By developing systems for communication, reporting, and feedback,  Step Up demonstrates its commitment to achieve organizational goals and objectives.