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graphic for Giving Tuesday with two animated hands and Step up for better living logo South Bronx NYC

As the holiday season ushers in a spirit of giving, Step Up for Better Living (SUBL) is gearing up for the transformative occasion of Giving Tuesday. At the heart of the South Bronx, where the pulse of community beats strong, SUBL invites you to join a movement that goes beyond generosity—it’s about empowerment, shared values, and creating a tapestry of positive change.


🌟 The Essence of Giving Tuesday: #GiveForChange

Giving Tuesday, celebrated annually on November 28th, is more than a day—it’s an opportunity to unite communities in support of the causes they hold dear. For SUBL, it’s a day to amplify impact, fueled by the generosity of individuals who believe in creating positive change in the South Bronx. The hashtag #GiveForChange encapsulates the essence of this movement, emphasizing the transformative power of every donation.


🚀 Behind the Scenes: Unveiling the Inner Workings of SUBL

Stepping behind the scenes at SUBL reveals a dynamic team committed to making a real difference. From compassionate case managers to visionary leaders, every member plays a vital role in the collective effort to uplift lives. Donor support becomes the catalyst for impactful initiatives, making visions of positive change a reality.


🎁 Last Year’s Success and This Year’s Aspiration

Reflecting on last year’s Giving Tuesday success, where a remarkable $42k+ was raised, sets the stage for an even greater aspiration this year. The goal is not just to meet but to exceed this benchmark, and the urgency of Giving Tuesday underscores the immediate impact every contribution can make.


💖 Urgency to Give Today: Your Contribution Matters

The urgency to give is not just a call; it’s an imperative plea to be a changemaker today. SUBL emphasizes the tangible and immediate impact of donations, irrespective of size, on this special day. The call to action is not just to contribute but to be part of a community-driven force for good, helping SUBL surpass last year’s achievements.


🌈 Celebrating Shared Values and Collective Impact

Giving Tuesday at SUBL is a celebration of shared values and the collective impact of a community that cares. It’s about more than monetary donations; it’s about contributing to the well-being of those served by SUBL’s initiatives, from housing advocacy to youth programs and services for seniors.


🙌 A Thank You to Beacons of Hope

SUBL extends heartfelt gratitude to every donor, every changemaker, and every advocate for change in the South Bronx. Their support becomes the light that guides SUBL’s initiatives, making hope tangible and positive change achievable.

Giving Tuesday with Step Up for Better Living is an invitation to be part of something extraordinary. It’s an opportunity to empower change, celebrate community, and make a lasting impact. As we approach this significant day, SUBL stands ready to embrace the spirit of #GiveForChange with open hearts and gratitude for every contribution, no matter how small—a contribution that becomes a beacon of hope for the South Bronx.