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The South Bronx needs your help.

How can you step up for New York City’s poorest, hungriest, and most housing-insecure borough?

Our friends and neighbors are struggling. 

Did you know almost half of all children here live in poverty? Almost a third of Bronx residents struggle to maintain a healthy diet, and almost 20% of children in our community will go to bed hungry tonight. One in four Bronx residents can’t find a job, and over 70% are at risk of losing their home.

These numbers are staggering. The needs in the Bronx are urgent, and clear.

We can’t turn our backs on our community. Your donation of any amount will have a real, positive impact on our community. By stepping up for the South Bronx, you make it possible for us to provide essential support and services. But even more importantly, you provide hope to our friends and neighbors.

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At Step Up for Better Living, we believe in putting people first. We base our approach on treating every individual with dignity and respect. These values inform each of our programs and services.

But we can’t do any of it without you.

With your donation of any amount, you can help a senior citizen apply for social security or Meals on Wheels. You can help someone experiencing a mental health crisis receive support. You can help someone apply for a rental subsidy. You can help someone learn to balance their budget.

With your donation, a child will have a meal tonight, instead of going to bed hungry.

Donating is fast, easy, and secure. It means the world to all of us here at Step Up for Better Living. And it means even more to folks who, with your help, will receive support when they need it the most.

Thank you.