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Twila Waters, MSW

For as long as she can remember, Twila Waters has been passionate about helping people in need. From her experience in social services and nonprofits in the South Bronx, to her roots in nearby food pantry work… From her dedication to senior living to her work in affordable low-income housing in the Bronx… The desire to help others has driven Twila’s career. So how did this one-time nursing student become an invaluable part of the Step Up for Better Living team? Keep reading to find out! 

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Twila began her education by studying nursing. But she soon realized that pharmacology wasn’t for her. The idea of a misplaced decimal point costing someone their life led Twila to change direction, and soon she found herself drawn to social work. After college, she interned at the South Bronx non-profit Part of the Solution. Twila was eager to learn, and found herself involved in many areas of the social services! When not running the food pantry, she gathered donations of baby supplies, or counselled clients with AIDS. Through two internships at Part of the Solution, Twila pushed herself to learn and grow. 

Finally, she was ready to pound the pavement and find a full-time job! That’s what brought her to Step Up in 2005. Back then, our organization was called Senior Living Options. Our focus was on promoting the health, well-being, and happiness of senior citizens. Twila leapt at the opportunity to work with seniors, but she was pleased to also encounter people from all walks of life. She began to pour her passion into a new project: finding housing for formerly homeless seniors, families, and individuals. 

In 2015, our organization expanded our services… Senior Living Options transformed into Step Up for Better Living! True to form, Twila was quick to grow, too. She continued her education, and took on new roles directing staff and interns, networking and partnering with other organizations, and continuing to help clients and the community. You might say she stepped up for Step Up!

These days, we can’t imagine what Step Up would be like without Twila. Neither can our clients, who trust her with their stories and issues. The South Bronx is the poorest of NYC’s five boroughs. For social services nonprofits, there is always more work to do. Each day, we focus on affordable low-income housing, food insecurity, senior services, and more. And each day, Twila shows up to work with dedication, passion, and humility. Now that’s what we call stepping up! Will you join Twila, and make a meaningful impact in the South Bronx by clicking here?