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Erinn Mallory Kolp joined the Step Up Board in March of this year… the same month Covid-19 shut down the South Bronx. The pandemic was devastating. The nursing home right behind Erinn’s apartment saw the most deaths of any in the country. The already-vulnerable South Bronx community plunged into an unprecedented crisis. It was a challenging month for everyone… but Erinn found inspiration in the community.

She’d seen communities come together before. Growing up in a family of six, both of her parents worked tirelessly to provide for them. When her father lost his job, the community rallied around her family, supporting them when they needed it most. She learned that hardship can happen to anyone, at any time. So she began to value any opportunity to give back.

Before joining Step Up, Erinn had been a board member for a charity in South America. There, she’d helped raise money to eradicate illiteracy in an indigent area through education programs and books. She felt lucky to be able to visit and meet the children and families she helped assist. From them, she learned more about resilience, happiness, and gratitude.

For her next role, she wanted to work more directly, hands-on with a local community. This goal brought her to Step Up for Better Living, and we’re so grateful it did. Here at Step Up, Erinn is able to leverage her skills in learning and development, honed at Fortune 500 companies and LinkedIn. She believes she has a unique opportunity to help others learn, grow, develop, and achieve their goals.

By volunteering her time, resources, expertise, and skills, Erinn hopes to show her children the importance of helping others… and make her community a better place. Thanks for stepping up, Erinn!