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Step Up Client photo - Ms. Banks
We have all seen the world change drastically over the last few years.
We have had to learn resiliency, endurance, and strength.
We have Stepped Up to help people in need through it all – and we continue to do so.
Meet Ms. Banks, who has been a Step Up for Better Living client since 2019. She connected with Step Up for Better Living to get help overcoming some of life’s most challenging obstacles. 
Keeping a reliable roof over her head while struggling to keep food on the table – it’s a problem that is all too common here in the South Bronx.
Through the years, Ms. Banks has received assistance with housing advocacy, case management referrals, and nutritional assistance.
This is just one story – there are many more like her and even more that have yet to reach out for help.
We are here. Reach out today if you or someone you know needs assistance – Contact Us today!
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