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Step Up for Better Living – Nutritional Workshop

I have just finished my second cycle of Nutrition and Health workshops with the
adult participants at Step Up For Better Living (Step Up) located in the Bronx. It
has been quite a rewarding experience. I have also had the opportunity to work
with the youths during the summer months.

What I loved most about working with the adult participants at Step Up was
watching them go from making unhealthy choices, to being excited to share the
healthy recipes, with their families. One of the participants, enhanced a recipe
from the fruits and vegetables lesson that she enjoyed. The recipe consisted of,
whole grains, vegetables, and beans as a protein. She decided to add a variety of
vegetables to the recipe (which is what we at Cornell promote) and brought
samples for the entire class to try at graduation. She was very proud of her new
creation and everyone enjoyed it.

I am looking forward to continuing my partnership with Step Up. The Director of
Social Services, Ms. Twila Waters, and Program Director Mr. Andrew Thomas Jr.
have been amazing throughout the sessions providing not only me, but also the
participants with whatever is needed to insure the success of the program.

Nedra Jones
Community Educator
Cornell University Cooperative Extension
40 East 34th St, Ste. 606
New York, NY 10016