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Board Member

Yesenia QuinonesYesenia Quinones is a Community Manager in Bronx, New York for Community & Development. She is a local ambassador for Chase whose job is to build and nurture relationships with key community leaders, nonprofit partners, and small businesses at the neighborhood level. Yesenia Quinones hosts financial health workshops, facilitates non-profit partnerships, and offers community programming. She is helping to advance racial equity by supporting Black and Latinx communities with tools and resources to help them improve their financial wellbeing. With over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, Yesenia Quinones has held a number of positions including Business Relationship Manager. Prior to this role, Yesenia Quinones served as Branch Manager with another institution. She is currently a member of Adelante, Women on the Move and Bold NY. Yesenia Quinones currently lives in the Bronx and spends her free time traveling with her family .