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Vice President

Erinn Mallory KolpErinn Mallory Kolp is the Learning, Senior Customer Success manager at LinkedIn. She has worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies, including Apple and Starbucks, and received numerous Learning Industry awards. Erinn has a professional certificate in Learning & OD from NYU and will receive a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, Organizational Behavior and Change in 2021. Inspired by her family, she thrives on others’ success. Erinn believes she has a unique opportunity to lead people to improve their lives, connecting them to learning resources that help them achieve their goals while also making a difference in the world. When she joined the Step Up for Better Living (Step Up) Board in March 2020, she was driven to give back and to help others succeed, using her skills in learning and development. Erinn’s personal work experience enables her to help people learn and grow as they reach for their goals.